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Update on the 2021 SEASON

The Mountain West Youth Football League is planning to offer  youth tackle football again beginning in August 2021.  The Town Representatives have begun the process of planning the 2021 youth football season, including the recruitment of players and coaches. This year we will have 100% of our coaches certified by USA Football. This means that you can feel confident that “your child is being taught by someone who knows what they are doing. Which means that your coach knows how to teach the game, so the kids can play the game the right way - a safer way.” (David Shaw, Head Coach of Stanford University)   

 You can assure your child's spot by registering today using the registration tab following this article. The practice window for teams is scheduled to begin August 23rd. Teams will be able to begin practices at that time. Parents are encouraged to contact their Town Reps to find out when this will be for their teams. We are excited to be playing football this fall!

As a precautionary measure many of our community members have already received a Covid vaccination and with the start of school  it is anticipated that the great majority of our families will have done so by September. In the meantime, please visit the website and begin the registration process.  Talk up the season with your child’s friends and neighbors so that there will be a solid core of players signed up for next fall’s competition.  After missing out on a year of games, we have a lot of making up to do!  We’re looking forward to seeing all of you this fall!

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